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Admission and Enrollment

Thank you for your interest in The Jericho School. We are proud of our school and programs and welcome the opportunity to provide you with more information. Everything that we do is individualized for each student and it is the same for enrollment. We look at every child individually to see if we can create the most appropriate educational program and have a spot in the most appropriate classroom. We help each family personally through the enrollment process.
Please keep in mind that we do have limited availability.

The Jericho School Enrollment Process

Visit The School

We encourage each family to visit
The Jericho School before prior to a formal application to learn
more about our instructional concepts and individualized curriculum.

Enrollment Package

To formally apply for enrollment for The Jericho School please download, complete and return the Enrollment Package.

Click below to download.

Intake Assessment

Next an assessment is conducted with the student to ensure the appropriateness of services and determine which classroom or clinic the student would be best for your child.

At the time of the Assessment a one-time non-refundable Assessment Fee will be due of $125.00 (this does not guarantee placement).

Once all of the above steps are completed the student is formally placed on the waiting list to receive the next available spot in the most appropriate classroom for that student.

Tuition and Fees Schedule

The Jericho School has a continuum of services that are offered in efforts to tailor our programs for each individual student and to be able to serve more children and families in our community.

Please call for more information: (904) 744-5110.

John McKay Scholarship

The Jericho School is one of the approved schools that can accept The John McKay Scholarship. This scholarship can currently help fund over $24,000 depending on the child’s Public School IEP. For some this may be able to cover the entire tuition, for others there may be an amount of tuition parents should expect that they will be responsible for.  If you would like more information regarding this scholarship, please visit: www.floridaschoolchoice.org

The Gardiner Scholarship

The Jericho School is also approved to accept The Gardiner Scholarship (formally the PLSA Scholarship).